Mark your calendars! This weekend is the Grammys AND the BAFTAs, so Monday will be JAM-PACKED WITH ACTION. Until then:

– We’re excited to note that we’re going to be covering Fashion Week — which kicks off Thursday! — as well as awards season and a variety of other fun things for Cosmo! Come by and see us sometime. We will cherry-pick the best sex tips for you.

– Speaking of: A writer for Cosmo tried “all the sex from 50 Shades of Grey in one weekend.” She made me laugh out loud. (

– This is awesome: The Long Lost Archives of New York’s Most Glamorous Hotel (Atlas Obscura)

– I KNOW you want to read Fashionista’s interview with Downton Abbey’s costume designer.

– The WSJ has an interesting piece on a new book site called Literary Hub. We all need more places to read about books we need to read!

– Speaking of books, this is one of my favorite series from The Toast. This time: How to Tell if You Are in a Victor Hugo Novel. For example: “You come across a stranger in a darkened alley by a cathedral—but is it a stranger? No! For there are but twelve people in all of France, and you have long and complicated histories with all of them.”

– Whit Stillman is adapting Jane Austen’s Lady Susan, starring Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale. !!!!! (The AV Club)

– This interview at The Guardian with Patricia Arquette is really excellent.

– Have you seen the new Miss Dior ad with Natalie Portman? Lainey’s got it.

Elle explores How To Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Heroines

Vanity Fair counts down TV’s most satisfying kisses.

– I’m sure you want to read this oral history of The Facts of Life, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

– I don’t know if this is true, but I like it conceptually. From Celebitchy:  Is Ellen Barkin engaged to a British barrister she met at Clooney’s wedding?

– The pics of Chrises Pratt and Evans visiting a children’s hospital, as part of their Super Bowl bet, will give you feelings. (Buzzfeed)

– Love this post from Elements of Style about how she’d style celebs for the Oscars.

– And you’ll probably want to read this piece in Vanity Fair in which Gina Lollobrigida discusses, as they call it, “her outrageous tabloid scandals.”

– Speaking of the Oscars, The Cut has a good piece all about the infamous Morning After photo of Faye Dunaway.

– I giggled out loud at this headline: Eddie Redmayne Stars In the 21st Century Bad Movie Accent Death Match

– The name of this site says it all: Drunk Girls Do Renaissance Paintings in Bathrooms

– I also LOVE that Mickey Boardman is doing a series for Opening Ceremony about the awesomeness of airport gift shops.

– Over at Paper, they’re running down the best New York “It Girls” of all time (NSFW). I always want to know what happens to the It Girl when she grows up and no one gives a shit about what shoes she’s wearing anymore. She better hope she’s rich, or smart. Or, ideally, both.

– Speaking of lists, this is a hoot: The 28 Worst Celebrity Neighbors, over at Vulture.

– I suspect some of you will need this guidance: 8 Ways to Wait for Outlander’s Return, from our friends at Heroes and Heartbreakers.