May we suggest some reading material?

– Loved this from Ali Barthwell, at The Cut: Why a Black Bachelorette Is a Big Deal

– This piece in the Los Angeles Times made me cry: Rigoberto González grew up in a family of immigrant farmworkers. Now he writes award-winning books. It is incredibly well worth your time.

– Also at the LA Times, this is an interesting look at the journey from California to Broadway often taken by new theatrical productions.

– Lainey’s take on Sad Tom Hiddleston makes me giggle.

– This headline at Racked ALSO made me giggle: A Hot Potter Made Tiny Pots at Rosie Assoulin. The models wore them as earrings. For real.

– Speaking of tiny things, at House Beautiful: These Miniature Dollhouses Are So Cute We Can Hardly Stand It

– At Lainey, Constance Wu has been cast in Crazy Rich Asians, and she will be great in that part.

– This is an amazing piece at The Awl about an apparently terrible West Elm sofa, in which a West Elm employee says you can only get 1-3 years of use out of a sofa. !!!!!!!!!!!! That is just bullshit. (FWIW, my Crate and Barrel sofa needs recovering desperately but is going strong after ten years.)

– This is a really, really good interview with Kelly Cutrone — about the future of fashion, Fashion Week, and PR — at Glossy.

– The NYT tackles — in interesting depth — what Heather and I (and everyone else who covered front row for fashion week) realized awhile ago: Celebrities Vanish From Fashion’s Front Row

– I salute Kim France for bringing us all these great bracelets!

– Fascinating, at Collectors Weekly: All the President’s Yachts: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of FDR’s Floating White House

Vanity Fair has an interesting piece about the costumes in La La Land.

– This is great, at Garden and Gun: A Vanderbilt Library Comes to Life Behind the scenes of the Biltmore’s new literary fashion exhibit

– Congresswoman Grace Meng wrote an eye-opening Op Ed for Marie Claire this month: Our Laws Period-Shame Women—So I’m Going to Change Them

– I agree with Tara at Previously.TV about this SO MUCH: The Mindy Project Needs To Quit Trying To Put Mindy In Long-Term Relationships

– This was really good, at Fashionista: How Nicolette Mason Found Success When Fashion Didn’t Have Room For Her

– At W: Project Runway Alumnus Daniel Vosovic Is Redefining What ‘Fast Fashion’ Means Today. I love Daniel.

– Over at Pajiba, this is an amazing headline: We Received a Press Release for Kid-Friendly Ecstasy for Children and I Need to Talk About It

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Ben Affleck is over being Batman, which is great because I’m over Ben Affleck as Batman.

– At The New Potato, look at these cute jean jackets! I’ve had mine for twenty years and when it dies, I’m gonna be distraught.

– Over at Refinery29: How To Hygge Your Wardrobe

– At Revelist, look at these insane tights!