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Carrie Underwood v. Blair Waldorf! My money is on Leighton, as long as she channels her inner Blair. Also: isn’t the snide comment that Carrie gave Leighton a line in Country Strong? Maybe the real story here is that Carrie Underwood hit her head on a table and woke up and thought she was Gywnnie. (Lainey Gossip)

– The story here is ostensibly that J Simp is drinking a lot to assure us all that her oven contains no bun, but the story for ME is that she and Mr J Simp are wearing the tee shirts Mondo made for Piperlime for World AIDS Day, which is actually quite awesome of them. (They’ve since sold out, with proceeds going to amfAR) (Dlisted)

– I guess Channing Tatum is playing the Johnny Depp role in the 21 Jump Street reboot. He seems awfully OLD for that part to me. Channing Tatum: the Gabrielle Carteris of a new generation? (Hollywood Reporter)

– This is a great post about why Alexa Chung is a bit irritating to what I suspect is a sizeable chunk of America — and, mayhap, beyond.  Though those Bat shirts she made for Madewell were cute. (The Gloss)

–  A Dubs and ALT are appearing on Diddy’s new album (is he still Diddy? Puff Daddy? P Daddy Diddy? Every time I wonder about this, I feel myself falling farther backward into Oldsterville). Regardless: INTRIGUING. Also, weird. (The Cut)

– Dude. I want one of each of these cocktails. They’re festive! Holiday cocktails! (New York Times)

I think I might be ready for a Wino Forever comeback, you guys. That is, in part, because I just watched Heathers. (On Thanksgiving, of course. Nothing says “national holiday of thankfulness” like murdering your arch-rival/best friend with a cup of Drano.) (Celebitchy)

– This piece on the year’s most disturbing celebrity book deals taught me that Paul, The (Late) Psychic Octopus, has a book deal. THIS RAISES SO MANY QUESTIONS. Including, when can I buy it? (Flavorwire)

– Some of these MAGAZINES FROM THE FUTURE! are truly hilarious. I particularly like Giant Mutant Cat Fancy, but who can resist Dr Emmett Brown FINALLY making the cover of Time? (Something Awful)

– Please tell me you’ve seen this video, for a Norwegian television station, in which ALL THESE RANDOM CELEBS sing “Let It Be.” And when I say random, I mean RANDOM. Like…Ricki Lake, and then STEVE GUTTENBERG and then TUBBS from Miami Vice PLAYING AIR GUITAR, and then CARLTON and…just watch it. Seriously.  Just when you think you’ve seen the most random celebrity possible, Ray Pruit pops up. (YouTube)