Happy Friday! Have you entered this week’s Freaky Fug Friday? There’s a prize this week, and it’s awesome!

– Also awesome: gift guides. I seriously love them. I don’t know why — perhaps because they’re like virtual shopping without actually buying anything, and the equivalent of when I was a kid and I’d go through the Toys R Us catalog pretending I was allowed one thing from each page. Anyway, here are a couple of good ones, if you like them too and need inspiration as we barrel every closer to Christmas: Flavorwire’s is 100 Gifts For Cultural Icons and includes stuff like a silver retainer necklace for Tina Fey (very Liz Lemon); Design Sponge has ton a whole ton of them, including (my favorites) one for Francophiles and one solely devoted to monograms.  Vulture also has one, for all your pop-culture-addicted friends. Or you. (Flavorwire, Design*Sponge, Vulture)

– I love how alarmed Lainey got about Michael Pitt’s grooming at this event. I had the same kind of reaction when I saw the pics myself — he’s so GOOD on Boardwalk Empire and so handsome even with that crazy Prohibition haircut. Why do people fight the hot? (Lainey Gossip)

– Speaking of Prohibition, thank God they repealed it so we can all enjoy cocktails at our holiday parties without worrying about getting busted. Now, all we have to do is worry about whether or not our friends are judging us if we DON’T hire a bartender to serve six people in an apartment the size of a shoe box. This article is amazing, by the way. I feel like the reporter just cackled with glee as the people he interviewed said yet douchier things. PS: Your actual friends don’t think you’re a loser if you don’t have hired help, they’re just glad to get to hang out with you. And if you did get a bartender for your holiday party, your actual friends thought, “ooh, a bartender! Awesome, I don’t have to dig through the fridge looking for mixers,” and then ordered a drink and got on with their lives. NOT THE PEOPLE IN THIS PIECE. (NY Times)

– This interview with Tom Ford is pretty amazing. Apparently, women today are all “cyberbitches.” Okay, guilty as charged. (Celebitchy)

– Watch what you throw out in New York: a little old lady just got fined for tossing a newspaper in a trash can on the street. I SO WISH I had been that woman. I have a rant ALL READY TO GO. It includes the phrase, “WOULD YOU RATHER I JUST LEFT IT ON THE STREET?!!” (Daily Intel)

These retro-style travel posters depicting superhero’s home cities are AMAZING. (Wired)

– All I need to do to get you to read this piece, I suspect, is tell you the title. Ahem: TWILIGHT FOR YOUR FACE. (Forever YA)

– You totally want to read about Bea Arthur’s stint in the Marines. At the very least, you want to see her picture AS a Marine. She looks adorably peevish. That’s our Dorothy! (DListed)