I hope you have an amazing weekend. Sunday, of course, is Wills and Kate’s First Anniversary and I ASSUME you are having a big party at which you will all be doing dramatic readings of the extensive wedding coverage we did last year. But until then, BEHOLD:

– There is something called “Pizza Hut Middle East” and it’s selling a pizza where instead of a crust, THERE ARE CHEESEBURGERS. (Time)

– This is a fascinating piece about Theodore Roosevelt, his would-be assassin, and the things in his breast pocket that saved his life.  (Smithsonian)

– Pursuant to our slideshow on NFL draft fashions, here is as piece the NY Times ran about the custom styling that goes into the players’ wardrobes. Just so we can all be as informed as possible in our judgments of their crazy shirts. (New York Times)
— So, as we mentioned earlier in the week, Lifetime cast Lilo to play Liz Taylor in a movie they’re making about her life. OBVIOUSLY I can’t wait the fug the fromage out of that thing, and obviously Lilo is replaying SWINTON saying, “Jennifer Love Hewitt, in THE CLIENT LIST” with “Lindsay Lohan, in TAYLOR MADE” or whatever they’re going to call it. So, it’s clearly going to be a trainwreck. She has come out now and said she hopes they case Gerard Butler as Richard Burton. I suspect this is because she wants to nail Gerard Butler. Please don’t take this wrong way, Gerard, but I think you should take this job, just so we all have something to gossip about. (Celebitchy)

– I don’t think I need to say anything more than the name of this Tumblr: COUTURE SANDWICH. Yes. (Couture Sandwich)

– I enjoy Gavin Polone’s pieces for Vulture and this one – about the importance of returning phone calls — is particularly good. (Vulture)

The New York municipal archives just released, like, a million pictures online. I love this sort of thing. (Gothamist)

– Speaking of photos — and love — this slideshow of people getting married at city hall on a random day might make you get a little choked up.  Okay, I totally cried. (Refinery29)

– I am DYING to watch this BBC documentary about the Royal Family. (Lainey Gossip)

– Thank you, Fashionista, for examining the myriad ways Victoria Beckham is secretly hilarious. IT’S TRUE. (Fashionista)

– Let us examine the world’s most beautiful train stations. (Flavorwire)

– I hope you’ve seen the new workout video from Schmidt, of The New Girl. “So, when Coach asked me to sub his spin class, I was like, a)…yes, and b)…it’s on, and c)…let’s do this.” (Vulture)