Day 3 on the set of Gossip Girl in Paris with Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

LEIGHTON: Hey, everybody! Hi! We love our fans!

BLAKE: Watch Gossip Girl!

LEIGHTON: And don’t blame B here for this!

BLAKE: What do you mean, L?

LEIGHTON: Well, I’m just saying, you didn’t do this to yourself. Last season, you were put in a bunch of unflattering clothes, and now this season you’re in some shorts that are hitting you in an awkward spot.

BLAKE: What? They’re Daisy Dukes!

LEIGHTON: Daisy Pukes.  If you’re going to go short, please at least make it look right.

BLAKE: Well, at least my tights don’t fight with my dress.

LEIGHTON: Is that the best you have, sweetie?

BLAKE: Um… your dress looks like you were shot in the gut with a glitter grenade?

LEIGHTON: Better, but not accurate, because it’s funky. So let’s be honest: I still win.

BLAKE: And I still have these legs.

LEIGHTON: … Okay, it’s a tie.