According to this step-and-repeat, change begins within.

And that’s beautiful, and existentially meaningful. But I would argue that change can also begin at your workbench, where you put down the glitter and glue gun and decide NOT to sparkle up your bodyshaper so that you can turn it into outerwear. And change can begin in your shoe closet, where you step away from the platform heels that turn up at the toe, as if you are wearing the pump version of Dutch clogs. And change definitely begins at the tulle factory, which you can decide not to rob at glue-gunpoint.

It can also begin at home…

… by deciding not to taunt the neighbor children into TP’ing your torso, which you then try to pass off as being all caught up in your wrap by busting out a matching white shawl. With your dress clogs. So, as much as I’m all for personal growth (a phrase I cannot write without hearing Carrie Fisher hissing at Meg Ryan, “Someone is staring at you in Personal Growth”), I vote Laura takes a good long hard at the cover of her book just to make sure people aren’t scared away from reading it. Nobody wants to be bound and potentially gagged by a roll of Charmin, Laura, no matter how many ply it is.