Gossip Girl managed to dress Kelly Rutherford through a pregnancy and the ensuing post-partum fun-time and still have her look lovely (because she is, and also, her post-partum fun-time period was a lot more like my Saturday Night After A Barbecue figure), and yet now that she’s back to her usual size, shenanigans have ensued:

Kelly Rutherford wears a beautiful purple dress on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

I doubt Lily Van Der Woodsen would have stood for how unflattering this is to a gorgeous woman. Surely, if Lily had been handed this by her personal shopper and told it was her only option for her made-up gala, somebody would’ve gotten fired — or at least forced to sit at one of their family breakfasts while Rufus made waffles and Dan combed his sideburns and wrote sweaty poetry. Pretty harsh punishment unless that person can scam a seat next to Eric, in which case it would become a fiesta of eye-rolling and then you’d go play darts on a board made of Little J’s face.