I love Natalie Zea. She was a scream on Dirty Sexy Money, and she’s very sympathetic on Justified (as well as enviably adjacent to Timothy Olyphant’s abs). She was also, of course, The Middle Gwen on Passions, which — I BELIEVE — means she was the Gwen who almost died when she almost tried on Sheridan’s wedding ring, which had of course been poisoned for some reason or another (this was after Sheridan got buried alive [on purpose] but before the Bermuda Triangle gave her amnesia), but who of course lived to attend the wedding, which was naturally broken up by someone driving a car into the church. I miss that show, but she’s clearly moved up and onwards, and good for her.

Let’s talk dress:

I love it until I get to the part where it stops existing. That hem needs two more inches, at least. You can’t wear something THAT boobtacular AND that short if you’re not also taking drink orders. In Vegas.