I seriously keep wanting to call this movie The Larry Crowne Affair.

Apparently, Julia here ALSO thinks she’s in that movie, and that they’re still filming, and that it’s about Thomas Crown(e)’s sort of hum-drum brother, Larry, who works for the Department of Water and Power, but not in the sexy Chinatown way, in the non-sexy “No, I actually do a lot of filing at the DWP” kind of way, and she’s playing the hard-ass head of HR who is always making people go to interminable sexual harassment training sessions and gets really, really mad when they make jokes about the cheesy circa 1988 videos they’re being forced to watch therein, and about whom someone regularly wonders, “what’s with the crazy matchy-matchy suit,” and then someone else says, “actually, I think that suit is really expensive.  The head of HR for the DWP makes BANK,” and then someone whispers that they hear she was having a wild affair with Larry Crown in Accounts Receivable and then everyone LAUGHS AND LAUGHS, but no one harder than Larry, BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

I don’t really want to see that movie, either.