Okay, readers. This one hurts me. It hurts me a lot:


WALLACE SHAWN, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? No! No! Althought I admire the sentiment behind your plea for peace, DON’T WEAR THAT SHIRT WITH A SUIT! No! No! Again, I say no!

And why is this so painful for me? Because I LOVE Wallace Shawn. How can you look at that face and not love this man (albeit not in a Tom Cruise I LOVE THIS WOMAN kind of way, at least not in my experience)? First of all, he was, of course, Mr Hall, the lovable hapless teacher in Clueless — which, hello, who doesn’t love Clueless? It’s the first movie I ever walked out of with the reaction, “That was hilarious! I need to go buy some clothes immediately,” a reaction which basically informed the rest of my life — and, then, of course, in The Princess Bride, he taught us all both never to get involved in a land war in Asia, and, more importantly, to never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line. Those are important life lessons, people. Which is why it is almost INCONCEIVABLE that I have to say something mean about him…but Wally! Oh, Wally. I don’t know what Cher Horowitz would have said about this get-up, but I suspect it would not have been super-complimentary.