Dear God, what is happening here?

Mark Townsend Launches

A girl lands on a hit show, gets a couple of tabloid stories about how she’s a bit of a diva on set, and the next thing you know, she’s popping up places wearing …well, THIS. THIS is what you wear when you want attention/haven’t got anyone sufficiently honest in your entourage to note that going out in a sheer unbuttoned beige slip with your bra hanging out is, essentially, both overkill and perhaps a wee bit desperate for the aforementioned attention. Honey, listen: Ryan Murphy shows have a way of going SPECTACULARLY off the rails. There will come a time, I suspect, when he decides to introduce to your show a serial killer — or to someone who will prove to be misdiagnosed with cancer decide he wants to be cryogenically frozen, kicking off a truly batshit nutty frozen body subplot, both of which happened on Nip/Tuck — and people will start freaking out about how nutty Glee’s gotten, and THAT, my dear, THAT is when you will need to wear this stupid outfit. TO DISTRACT PEOPLE. SAVE IT.