Okay, so you know that old theory that people start to look like their pets?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes goes out for dinner at Il Valentino in NYC

[Photos: Splash News]

Tom is trotting her out, in their matching suits, with all the pride of a puppy owner who’s just knitted them both matching sweaters and is debuting them in the dog park. I hope this is just an appetizer, and that the main course is them showing up to a movie premiere in matching strapless Versace.

It’s going around, too — check out Kate Moss and her new toy:

Supermodel Kate Moss and mystery man in London

Maybe the matchyness isn’t a Hollywood thing — maybe it’s just a “Kate” thing. Maybe we’re about ten minutes away from Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes going to Starbucks in different parts of the same peignoir set, or Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend sharing the same Civil War re-enactor’s uniform. And maybe — on multiple levels — it’s really no coincidence Tom Cruise’s efforts to rechristen his wife all involve removing the “i” from “Katie.” Don’t let him take your “i,” girl. You’ve given him enough.