Maybe Jessica Biel is getting sick of everyone focusing on her body. Which I can respect. I can’t relate to it, but I can certainly see why she might want people looking at her face for a change.

Still, it was a bit jarring to go from her understated elegance


… to a baggy, frowsy slip dress whose ample, billowing torso space only seems necessary if you’re sneaking in several illicit basketballs, or perhaps a gestating fetus. Or a keg. [Although, I’ll give her a pass if she was smuggling beer.]

So while I can understand the desire to keep things modest and classic at the first and possibly only event she will ever attended at which her acting is being rewarded (she won some kind of breakout star award here, at the Palm Springs film festival), I also feel like: Honey, you won’t have that waist forever. Nip in the dress a little. It won’t hurt your cause, and it’ll keep Us Weekly away from any stories like, “Jessica and Derek Jeter: READY FOR  BABY?” Everyone wins.

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