Yesterday, we discussed the Lena Dunham Elle cover, and how the punk look worked surprisingly well but the bizarre hand-positioning was terrible.

Well. I was in line at Target shortly thereafter and saw this version on the newsstand:

I love her head. It works swimmingly — JUST the right touch of Duran Duran. The pose makes her look like she’s cold, but overall I think this fixes my other issues — she doesn’t look like a coy toddler with an oral fixation, and it’s not quite so close-up, as if they’re afraid to show any of the rest of her. The crossed-arms “Brr where is my coat” thing isn’t a terribly confident alternative, but overall this solves more problems than it creates for me, so I’ll take it.

Will you?

  • Yes! So much better. (40%, 1,567 Votes)
  • Eh.... if I have to? (26%, 1,013 Votes)
  • No! The other one is miles better. (14%, 555 Votes)
  • I reject BOTH OF THEM. (20%, 803 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,938

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