One of my favorite stories in a long time was when Heidi Montag decided to fire her hubby Spencer Pratt as her manager, in favor of using a “healer intuitive.” But presumably, that dude intuited, healingly, that this was a hilariously terrible idea, because a week later Heidi fired him and announced that she’s going to consider her business decisions more carefully in the future. In my mind, that reads as, “Spencer laughed at me for five days straight, and when SPENCER is the voice of reason in any given scenario, something is wrong. Also, I’m a lunatic.”

Maybe they had a fight because her ex-psychic could not heal the rift from his intuition that this outfit was a bad idea:

Oh, sure, on the surface it might seem like she’s squeezing two volleyballs through a sock while wearing tiny khaki pants that seem designed with Fleet Week shenanigans in mind.
However, upon closer, semi-NSFW inspection…

Heidi Montag leaves Villa Blanca after filming

… wait, actually, the previous description still stands true; this pic just puts the “ass” in “assessment,” or more specifically, in the sentence, “My assessment of the situation has not changed, and also, those shorts seem extremely unsanitary, so please, somebody wipe down whatever chair she used at lunch.”