I love this photo. In the background, you see Freida Pinto, looking gleaming and smooth and perfect, and then there’s Jessica Alba, who can’t help but look disheveled by comparison and appears to be (in a trick of the angle) giving Freida the what-up-bitch stink-eye:
Machete - Premiere:67th Venice Film Festival
I wish she WERE genuinely throwing a glare over her shoulder, because then I could say, “Oh, Jessica, it’s not Freida’s fault you are at the Machete premiere looking like you just recently took one to your skirt,” and we could invent an entire blood rivalry right on the spot. Instead I guess I’ll just wonder if half of her dress just didn’t get enough sunlight to grow big and strong.
No problem with that at a prior photocall:

How apt that she wore this on the heels of our 9/02/10 coverage, because the top of this is something Donna Martin would’ve worn as a bodysuit. With high-waisted jeans and a thick black belt through the loops — as opposed to wound around her feet. Oh, and probably ankle boots. Donna was so that girl. 
As for Jessica, I kind of want to chop off the sleeves, shorten the skirt to just above the knee, and unbind her feet a tad. If feet start to think of shoes as prison, they will never, ever let you get away with any of the fun ones ever again. As it is, her big toes are considering diving headfirst off its leather cliff.