Apparently Hailee’s top here is Yeezy, which has to be the ONLY wearable thing in his entire Fitness Spanx collection and also the most basic.

The skirt explains why I couldn’t find my grandmother’s tablecloth-overlay this Thanksgiving. You could’ve just asked, Hailee. Although if she had, I would’ve pointed out that gluing linens to an old pair of shorts only makes sense if your high school drama club is performing its original production Make It Work: The Musical, and that probably would’ve harshed her buzz.

For a Flaunt magazine party, she picked my old nemesis Rosie Assoulin:

Yes, reader, it is a jumpsuit. And yes, reader, it is the second high-waisted garment with a fiendish brassiere attachment that we’ve seen today. And YES, reader, the International Association For The Sanctity of the Foundation Garment should pursue legal action.

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