The other day, we got an e-mail from a kind-hearted soul who informed us that he’d read a story about an overworked blogger who keeled over from the strain and died. He fervently hoped we were not pushing ourselves to the limits and in danger of having a similarly fatal coronary, and expressed the hope that we make sure to take breaks. We were touched.

And he was psychic: We’d already scheduled a tiny break for, well, right now. Intern George finally coughed up the keys to his Lake Como villa, so we’re off tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but will be back posting anew on Thursday, April 24.

Not that any celebrities should use this as an excuse to leave the house in leggings with, like, Axl Rose’s face on them (LINDSAY). We WILL find out, and we will not spare you just because we happened to be relaxing with a fruity beverage at the time of the crime.