I guess Kimberly Wyatt here is officially an ex-Pussycat Doll, per the caption that came with this photo. And now Google tells me the group broke up at the end of last year. Whatever shall I do. Wherever shall I go.

I wonder who came out the winner here. Solo-for-the-second-time-now artist Nicole Scherzinger has a record deal, true, but she’s also forced to trot around a parquet floor wearing heinous costumes while pretending she’s having fun frolicking to a karaoke-parlor-quality cover of, say, Lady Gaga. So even though Kim here is stuck in a shorn leather jacket and a romper made out of wallpaper and ribbon, there is at least no illusion netting in sight. AND she appears to have made a purse out of all Nicole’s old hair pieces, which feels like a very advanced way of flipping the bird. Maybe I’ll call it a tie.