Why haven’t I been paying more attention to Isabel Lucas? I remember her being in the car with Shia The Beef when he infamously hurt his hand, and that allegedly Adrien Grenier broke up with her right after that — and supposedly she had a part in Transformers 2, but you never hear anyone mentioning that so I guess that’s about how well THAT went. With all that, I guess she flew under my radar, even after Jessica fugged her for not understanding how to handle the privilege of having skin, hair, and a face.

Turns out she doesn’t always understand how to handle her legs or her head:
Isabel Lucas Arriving At LAX Airport

[Photos: FlynetOnline.com]

The twee jumper and brown tights, coupled with the garter on her head, conspire to give off the impression that she’s a candy-striper coming out the wrong end of a cardiac ward Valentine’s Day party where there was a margarita cart and a chocolate fountain.
Melbourne International Film Festival Opening Night (USA ONLY)
And here we have ghostly gray tights, the better to look like she’s just spent the afternoon with a box of chalk and no blackboard to decorate with it.
But it’s her latest accessory that really stole my heart:

Melbourne International Film Festival - 'Teenage Paparazzo' Premiere (USA ONLY)
She’s doing a funky tripped-out ’70s student protesting something awesome like the cosmic dangers of bologna, and she’s topped it off with Jane Fonda’s glasses from 9 to 5. I have no idea if she burned old VHS copies of that movie and some old Sally Jessy Raphael episodes and then huffed the fumes, or she’s just messing with us. But look: Her tights and her makeup make sense, so maybe we should just accept those baby steps and figure the glasses, too, shall pass.
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