As Jessica and I were sitting around the other day writing our “Get Well, Intern George” card and watching Passions while we ate our way through three tubs of ice cream — you know, as wicked wenches do — I turned to her and said, “But you know what would REALLY help him learn to laugh again? The sight of his ex-girlfriend in a hideous, cheap, pantsuit/jumpsuit thing that looks like she ganked it from Katie Couric’s 1994 Today show wardrobe, back when she was bubbly and cute and unassuming and not obsessed with bronzing her legs and whipping them out every time a celebrity had to sit knee-to-knee with her.”

We thought we were going to have to finger-paint it for him using the sticky remnants of Tiramisu gelato. But Lisa Snowdon evidently heard our cry and decided to step up to the plate.


It’s so selfless, really, this sacrifice — just to give him the healing power of mirth, she allowed herself to leave the house in this. Bravo, Lisa. You are a true hero. When George comes back to work, you will be the FIRST person to receive an autographed hugshot.