In honor of Election Day, we’ve decided to live and breathe democracy today on GFY. All our posts will have voting options so that we can all exercise our precious and hard-won enfranchisement; some of them might only exist JUST so you can enjoy clicking the button and seeing an immediate result (because Election Day is many things, but “good for instant gratification” is not one of them). Also, we’re hoping it will remind people to get out to their polling place and cast their ballots, because there’s nothing fuglier than not caring, not bothering, or not going because you think standing in line for a long time on such an important day sounds kind of boring/cold/exhausting. This is why the universe gave us magazines, iPhones, and sensible shoes.

So that, go forth and vote — both here and at your polling station — and try not to stress out too much today. Margaritas help.

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