Thank you for coming along with us on this journey through the glories of Beverly Hills 90210 on this most holy of days — a day that literally came but once in our lifetime. Okay, twice, if you happened to be in Europe on February 9th, but that, too, has passed into nothingness — just like Poor Dead Scott. And what better way to close out today’s Festival of 90210 Delights than with this precious, precious moment — pun sincerely intended:

Please note that Sanders is NOT a fan of “Precious.” Please note that we are not fans of Steve’s shirt, the surfer poncho David stole from Dylan, or of Donna’s concerned choker. We are, however, deeply enamored of David’s very very very poofy hair. It reminds us of when we were young.

In case you missed the rest of our Salute to Spelling’s (Arguable) Masterwork, feel free to use this helpful menu to peruse today’s offerings:

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