BRENDA: I don’t believe it. 
KELLY: You’re kidding me, right?
DONNA: I’m a virgin. So I like my underwear long and my turtlenecks high. 
BRENDA: It’s seriously September 2, 2010?
KELLY: As in, 9.02.10?
BRENDA: Right. Next you’ll tell me there are flying cars. 
KELLY: And shoes with no heels
BRENDA: And am I still in love with Dylan on 9.02.10?
KELLY: Brenda, you’re always going to be in love with Dylan. The question is whether I’m in love with Dylan.
DONNA: Did I graduate? God, I hope I’m not still in high school.
BRENDA: Are chokers still in?
KELLY: What about see-through shirts?
DONNA: Can I still wear my leggings. 
BRENDA: … Donna, don’t be ridiculous. That will never happen.
KELLY: Well, happy 9.02.10 day, guys.
DONNA: Happy… wait, what? This headband is making my brain math itchy sweat hot.
BRENDA: I’m guessing that’s one thing that won’t have changed.
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