I’m not sure who should be feeling what in light of the fact that, when I saw this picture in thumbnail, I thought Amanda Bynes was Mariah Carey:

**EXCLUSIVE** UK AND USA USE ONLY: Amanda Bynes on a shopping spree on Robertson Blvd

(a) Should Amanda be concerned that, therefore, she ought to be wearing longer skirts and/or dressing less like a…Mariah Carey?
(b) Should Mariah be stoked that I think she’s got legs like this? Because they ARE good.
(c) Should the dog be concerned that Mariah, too, might make a similar mistake and kidnap him?
(d) Should Nick Cannon start asking Mariah for ID every time she arrives home, just to make sure she’s not actually Amanda Bynes?
(e) Should Amanda Bynes be on the lookout for Nick Cannon to “accidentally” “confuse” them one evening and sneak into the back of her SUV and go home with her?
(f) Should Amanda Bynes and Mariah Carey then decide to star in what will surely be 2009’s wackiest identity-swap flick, Glitter II: Mixing It Up?
(g) Should I get my eyes checked?
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