Although my irrational and probably totally unfair distain for Sarah Paulson has been well-documented herein, I have to admit that I feel sorry for her this morning. She arrived at the premiere of The Spirit last night in this:

Premiere Of Lionsgate's

I actually think the dress itself is lovely. But it is not a good color on her, and she’s doing herself no favors with her makeup (she needs MORE of it, I think, because otherwise this yellow makes her look super washed out, and sallow), not to mention this bizarrely stern Elmira Gulch-y schoolmarm expression, which she’s sporting in nearly every picture.

Maybe she was cranky because she thought she was going to be the only one rocking the canary last night, and then Eva Mendes showed up in this:

Premiere Of Lionsgate's
I want.

(PS: Eva, you look swell. Maybe a little lippy for you, too? Otherwise, nicely done and please send this dress to me post-haste. I plan to wear it at all my formal occasions, like when I vacuum. Be a dear and slip poor Sarah Paulson a double gin tonight —  your dress is kinda hard to compete with and she seems blue. You know how it is. Happy holidays to you, too, kid. Way to go out on a high note.)