First of all, am I the only person that thinks this Amelia Earhart movie looks like a total snooze? I might be biased because I kind of hate Hilary Swank’s hair in it — which I know is historically accurate, so I should just shut it — and her accent in the trailer sounds like she is having problems talking around a mouthful of fake teeth. Or maybe it’s just all the scenery in her mouth. (You know that I’ll probably LOVE IT after I see it, right? My first impressions are nearly always wrong.) So, I know that I am deeply biased in thinking this is also a snoreathon:

Premiere Of

I mean, okay, look: the dress is gorgeous, ostensibly. I can’t really say anything bad about it. It’s pretty. I just feel like there’s no HERE HERE. There’s no THERE THERE. There’s no ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Girlfriend needs some jewelry or…something. Before I lose consciousness.