[Photo: Nylon Magazine]

(a) Congrats to Nylon for making it 10 years; especially considering the current state of print media, that is an accomplishment.

(b) Congrats to whomever scrubbed the spray tan off Lilo. I hope you got a bonus.

(c) I had boxer shorts in the same print as whatever those bottoms are IN 1999, and I felt like Kelly Taylor when I wore them around. Kudos for verisimilitude!

(d) IS Lindsay Lohan REALLY a “pin-up for a new era”? I feel like, “a hot mess for a new era” might be more accurate. Or, “a Meredith Baxter Birney for a new era.”

(e) Those are…some extensions.

(f) If cropped sweaters are coming back, I quit.