Something about starlet Teresa Palmer reminds me of Naomi Watts. Perhaps it’s that she’s Australian. And blonde. And how their faces are similar.
This dress, though, evokes more Kirsten Dunst for me. Can’t you just see Kiki wearing this to be on, say, the Cannes jury someday, or to promote her appearance in whatever Sofia Coppola film she’ll get cast in next? It’s just off-the-beaten-path enough, but still sleek. And, which you know our girl Dunst would be elated about, you can’t wear a bra with it:

Sexy! And also the kind of thing that will totally attempt some mope with a black lacy bra to wear it backward. I wish this weren’t a world where that sentence was bound to come true. I’m looking at you, Kelly Rowland/C-List MTV Starlet/Lindsay Lohan at some pre-prison gala blowout.
Here’s the thing: I didn’t expect to say this, but I actually like this better knowing it’s two pieces. If there were visible navel, or it were so low-sling we could see pelvic bone and get waxing tips, then no. But the tiny sliver of skin shown in front is sexy and yet innocent, like a blurry promise that’s doomed to be broken. The skirt clings in all the right places, and she was very restrained in accessorizing; hair and makeup are lovely. In fact, I may have talked myself into thinking this is well played, despite having been uncertain when I first started typing. Thank God we don’t pay attention on this site to things like “word count” or “succinctness,” or “the beer before liquor rule.” Not that the last one has anything to do with this, I promise.