I am strangely attracted to this.

Premiere Of DreamWorks'

The hair is sassy. The shoes are random enough to be interesting but not so much that they repel me with the rest of it. Yes, it’s short, but but obscenely so — and frankly, it’s nice to see Reese having a bit of fun with the fact that she’s got really insanely awesome quad muscles right now, given that she trends toward the prim a bit.

And I don’t even hate the dress. It’s kind of cool. But I do have to acknowledge that it ALSO could pass as a class craft project she and Ava worked on using old streamers, or the uniform of a new superhero tasked exclusively with protecting the secret recipes of Wrigley’s Spearmint and Doublemint chewing gums, and preventing kids from sticking their nasty old masticated wads under tables. The image of Reese angrily supervising a bunch of ten-year olds as they chip away at hardened gum pellets underneath their desks is basically the only thing keeping me from getting on board.