I’ve developed quite an affection for Rachel Bilson, due in part to how cute she was on The O.C. and in her Chuck episodes last season, and also because she’s been looking super cute lately and I’ve got a serious case of wardrobe envy.

So it hurts me to say this, but … when did Rachel Bilson become the fourth Jonas brother?


[Photo: WENN]

I mean, I try not to live by too many hard-and-fast rules, but I always sort of thought that friends don’t let friends turn into the Jonas Brothers. Unless they are trying really hard to make 14-year old girls scream and cry and pass out in malls.

But the thing is, somehow, I secretly think Rachel doesn’t look terrible. I suspect it’s because she HERSELF is so friggin’ adorable, and not because we all need to run out and turn our stash of wrapping ribbons into neckties that match our bowler hats.