LILY ALLEN: Hey, Emma.


LILY: What’s up? You sound upset.

EMMA: Are you going to Dior today?

LILY: Yeah.  I’m walking over there right now.


LILY: Why are you yelling?

EMMA: I don’t know.

LILY: Can we just talk when we get there, love?

EMMA: No. I told you, I’m scared. I’m scared you’re going to show up with pink hair or wearing some kind of crazy dress with Bambi roasting on a spit or something and we’ll be photographed together and people will think I approve. I need to know if I should bring a bag to put over one of our heads.

LILY: First of all, why don’t you worry about YOURSELF? You could show up wearing some kind of wizard robes and carrying a magic stick.

EMMA: I’ve NEVER worn my Harry Potter costume out and about. And it’s called a WAND, for your information.

LILY: Whatever. You’ve totally gone out in some crazy shit and I don’t care. Loosen up, babes. For what it’s worth, I look swell today.

EMMA: Well, so do I.

LILY: Really?

Christian Dior - Paris Fashion Week- Spring/Summer '09

EMMA: Yeah, see? Don’t I look smart?

LILY: You do look cute. But enough about you. What about me? How do I look?

Christian Dior - Paris Fashion Week- Spring/Summer '09

EMMA: Tell me those aren’t CULOTTES, LILY.

LILY: It’s not! It’s a skirt! I promise. I mean… I don’t think it’s culottes. I think this is just how my skirt looks. Because of the pleats!

EMMA: Huh. Well, look at us.

LILY: Right? We did good! Let’s celebrate with drinks!

EMMA: Hmm. We’ll talk about that after the show.