We’ve already examined Lena Headey’s head suit on the site this week; now let’s take a look at everything below the forehead.

FOX All-Star Party At The Pier - Arrivals

Is that cracked-out boarding-school movie she did, St. Trinian’s, making an equally cracked-out sequel? Because while there are some who might call this streamlined and chic, for ME, it looks like Mary Poppins took a job as a headmistress at a posh but slightly depressed all-girls academy, where a cruel student prank (the likes of which would make Enid Blyton proud) left her with gangrene of the feet. Surely there’s something in Ms. Poppins’ magic bag that would’ve cured it. A spoonful of sugar? A jigger of rum? A magic hacksaw?

Parenthetically, can we talk about what a terrible backdrop this is? Where ARE they? A post-apocalyptic state fair?

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