I think I’ve given up Gossip Girl — I deleted it in the middle of Monday’s episode because I just didn’t care, and because I kept hoping for Jenny to fall in front of a subway (it could happen; they killed off Marissa Cooper, after all). Which means that now I don’t have Leighton Meester’s still awesome line-readings to keep me warm, I may begin judging her solely on whatever cracked out get-up she chooses to wear out of the house. Let’s start with this one:

Leighton Meester At The 'Date Night' New York Premiere

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

Cute! Although I feel a bit guilty: I have shoes just like that, and I haven’t worn them yet because they’re so high and spiky that I’m scared I will teeter over and fall in front of a subway, just like the Little J of my fictitious imaginings. Which is saying a lot, because that means I’d essentially have to trip and fall into New York. But the dress is super sassy, right? Although…what’s happening in the back? Is she wearing…a fringed cape?

The New York premiere of

[Photo: Splash News]

A) Kind of.
B) Whatever this is, I think it got caught in a shredder.
C) Apparently, shredders are AWESOME because I love this crazy thing and would totally wear it.
D) If I drank too much — which would, of course, help to catapult me in front of said subway train — I would totally shake my butt in people’s faces while wearing this, simply to make the fringe dance.
E) And then I’d wake up the next morning and think, “dear God. I hope no one remembers I did that.”
F) But it would be worth it.
G) Please weigh in for your own self: