So, I’m having a little trouble figuring out exactly what color Kristin Davis’s dress was at the SATC 2 premiere, because the camera flashes elicited three different hues:

There appear to be MORE photos in the vein of the middle shade, so I’m guessing that’s closest to what it actually was, and the others were just experiments. Who knows. It’s terribly confusing. I need to be clasped to Intern George’s tender bosom and have my hair stroked. I definitely like the palest pink the least, and for the others, it’s a toss. 

In this one, you can at least see the detail of the dress, which is why I enlarged it for ye. I’m torn here, too, my friends: I like how it fits her, but I am not sold on the necessity of having bonus fabric glued to her hip, like it’s an emergency napkin and/ or seat liner.
Like her co-star SJP, Kristin Davis decided to change for the after-party, which is very common among people whose gowns have adornments that might get torn or trampled when the DJ puts on “Livin’ On A Prayer” and every adult in the room goes apeshit. Here is what she wore:

satc2 afterparty arrivals 2 250510
I love everything except the shoes. They’re clunky, and worse, they make her FEET look clunky. And for some reason I can’t tell if she’s wearing them with hose or not — I don’t THINK so? But there’s a trick of the light happening down there that has me unsettled, and in general, I just think that any shoe that gives you Unauthorized Man Feet is not a keeper.