On Friday late afternoon, we got two e-mails about this dress within thirty seconds of each other. One said, “Won’t anybody help that poor girl?” And the other said, “Do my eyes deceive me, or has she hired a stylist that LIKES her?”

Grand Opening Of The Casino Club At The Greenbrier - Arrivals

In a comparative analysis against most of what’s come before, this is, much like gum, perfection. On its own merits: The studding does a nice job lengthening her frame, and overall I think J.Simp looks very pretty and happy. Now if only she could find a job America wants her to keep doing. May I suggest ABC Family? Perhaps a guest arc of some ilk on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? The Simpson clan has a good relationship (I assume) with Brenda Hampton, who repeatedly employed Ashlee on 7th Heaven, and that show is a big plate of schlock drenched in cheese and drizzled in saccharine, which kind of reminds me of most of J.Simp’s music. It’s perfect. Or she could be on Huge¬†as a camp counselor, teaching all the kids about everything she learned on The Price of Beauty and preaching (and, let’s face it, singing) The Greatest Love Of All. In fact, Jessica, do you need an agent? I’m at home today, if so.