I’m in a Summer Movie Pool, where we had to guess what would be the ten highest-grossing movies opening between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and it’s been my worst year ever — worse even than the first time I played, when — without much of a grasp of how much cash these movies have to make in order to be in the top ten — I put the Hilary Duff/Heather Locklear vehicle The Perfect Man on my list because at the time the kids loved Hilary and I actually thought people would be excited for Heather Locklear to be working (I have never lived this down, although it’s not as bad as the time my husband put Domino on his list, which did not even open during the summer; unbelievably, he is ALSO doing worse this year than he did that year). So far about half my selections have woefully underperformed, but perhaps none more so than The A Team, or as it’s known at the Spanish premieres, El Equipo A:

a team madrid photocall 260710

[Photo: WENN.com]

However, I’m still grateful for it, because during an unusually thin time of the summer, Jessica Biel is still out there promoting this thing. I can’t decide if this is slouchy-chic, or if she is being forced to attend these premieres against her will and spends most of her time imprisoned as a galley wench aboard a pirate ship, with nothing to do at night but use the spare sails and a tablecloth to fashion a fancy toga for parties. Perhaps that would make a better movie. Throw in Hilary Duff, and I just might put it on my list.