The other day, we here at GFY HQ were discussing the fact that, with approximately 40,000 people of repute appearing in Valentine’s Day — including the torturous duo of Jessicas Biel and Alba, whom I consider deeply inferior namesakes of GFY’s own Jessica — everybody had better BRING IT to the premiere. Because remember how every time there was a Nine event, we expected big things, and then only like three of the stars would attend and it seemed awfully half-assed and tired? So disappointing. 

Anyway, Alba listened. She did at least bring something:

Premiere Of New Line Cinema's
That being, a wearable peacock, some shoes that — while potentially cute — she purloined from a dancer at Hott Frolix, and Katie Holmes’ hair from 2008. Kid, we liked it the first time, but the sequel — like Fletch Lives — is a tad limp.