Back in the day, we totally poured down hell on Emmy Rossum for alway going out of the house dressed like the twee-est little porcelain doll you ever saw, as well as for her inability to close her mouth, like, EVER, during The Phantom of the Opera. And it seems that in the interim, she’s made some changes to her look:

Launch Party For The New BlackBerry 8330 Pink Curve

I can hear her now. “I’ll show them! What’s the opposite of prim and proper? LEATHER. YES. LEATHER. And EYELINER! But if we could get the leather in a really sweet shift dress? That’d be great. NOT TOO SHORT OR LOW CUT! I mean, REALLY SEX IT UP. But don’t.”

All things considered, of course, I think she actually does look rather cute. It’s just amusing to me that after like 20 years of frilly poofy things in lollipop colors, she’s popped up in black leather. Our little girl’s all growed up.