Okay. I am, in every post about Demi Moore, contractually obligated to point out that this woman is nearly fifty years old:

Premiere Of New Line Cinema's

Yes, that makes me want to kill myself as well. And now, to the nitty gritty: while I am DEFINITELY not someone who freaks out at the idea of wearing white after Labor Day, or patent leather after Arbor Day, or fur during brunch, or hair extensions at a funeral, or any of the extremely old-school fashion dos and don’ts, I’d like to take this moment to remind the universe that it is FEBRUARY and we are not in Australia (well, some of you are: hi, Aussies! I just meant me, and Demi). Ergo, this dress — while lovely, and flattering on Ms Moore — feels WAY unseasonal. Like fireworks during a blizzard or Easter Eggs as your Thanksgiving day amuse bouche — fun, but POORLY TIMED.