Like so many people, I LOVE Christina Hendricks as sassy Joan on Mad Men, who has men and women alike smitten by her curvy charms. She looks terrific on the show, with her bold red lipstick and flaming hair, and so I always desperately want to love what she’s wearing off-set — I mean, I’ve got hips, I’ve got a touch of the strawberry in my hair, and I’m a fair-skinned wench. I could take pointers, right?

Or maybe not.

AMC's Premiere Of

On one hand, the concept of the dress is interesting, with the sparklies and the pleats, and having a fan pinned to your boobs is kind of like built-in air-conditioning. On the other, I don’t think it was such a hot idea to match the burnt-orange color to her hair AND her eye-shadow, because it just makes her look kind of puffy-eyed and tired. Plus, that dress is just BEGGING for some idiot at the party to spend the night tugging on the pleated panel to see if it makes the fan swing back and forth.