I think I might really like this. It’s one of those dresses that probably only works if you’re Charlize, you’re 7-foot-45 and model-thin, and your legs are longer than a marathon.

If I — in all my 5’5″-on-a-good-day glory — tried to put that on, I’d look like I’d been ambushed by the worst gift-wrapper in Nordstrom history. But the glamazonian Ms. Theron can wear all that fabric and still have ten yards of leg poking out the bottom, so it’s not as overwhelming as it would be on anyone else. It’s times like this that I wish Willy Wonka had a factory nearby so I could go on a tour and maybe accidentally get caught in some sort of stretching contraption, miraculously being rescued just when my height hits six feet. Sure, it would hurt, but fashion is pain.

That said, I’m still not sold on the neckline: Is it just me or does she look like she might be choking a little?