Aw, Blake Lively! So summery looking, no?

Chanel - Outside Arrivals - PFW Haute Couture F/W 2011

Although I must confess, this is essentially how I always imaged Dawn from The Babysitters Club looking, although obviously Serena is more like Stacey than Dawn. But you feel me: it’s very 1980s Young Adult Novel Set at the Beach up in here, much like my personal favorite BSC book in which a whole bunch of them are hired to be nannies during someone’s vacation and basically everyone has Summer Romances and whatnot and people get sunburned and children are probably semi-neglected and there’s a hamburger joint where the ketchup and mustard come PRE-MIXED. (Apparently, I don’t remember it THAT well, and yet of course I remember some weird food-related detail) It’s PERFECT for the climax of that sort of book, where, you know, it’s the 80s and there’s some big party and Truths Are Revealed and Loves Are Confessed and all that hoo-ha. Perfect for then.