Lately, it seems like everyone is wearing either an Herve Leger bandage dress, or a loving imitation of the iconic style — you know, the one that really does look like you sucked in your gut and then let someone mummify you in a variety of brightly colored wrappings. They’re often super cute dresses on their own, but after seeing a string of tiny actresses wear them with mixed success at Fashion Week and hearing several of them chirp something about how absolutely anyone can wear these, I have to say: Really? Are you sure? Because they seem pretty unforgiving to me.



Of course, it doesn’t help her that those dark triangles are all
conspiring to make sure we stare at her womb. What’s next? A version
that has a big sign on the back that says, “HEY, CAN YOU SEE MY PANTY
LINE? NO, SERIOUSLY, CAN YOU? WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK HARDER?” But regardless: This is Blake freaking Lively. She has one of the most enviable figures in the land. She’s perfect the way she is and can look beautiful in a tangerine maxi-dress that would make most people afraid of the Tropicana company coming to juice them. In fact, Blake doesn’t even necessarily look BAD in her Herve Leger, especially from the boobs up; however, I would argue that it’s not doing lower curves any particular favors either, and maybe even widens her unfairly.

So if THIS genetically gifted specimen isn’t receiving many favors from her bandage dress, there must be zero hope for the rest of us. In fact, I think those front-row Hollywood starlets — hang onto your hats — might have been LYING.