It must be SO WEIRD to be Anna Kendrick right now. She was nominated for an OSCAR and then she has to pop back over to the Twilight movies, where she generally has approximately four lines. It’s like if Clooney got his role in ER, but still had to finish up a few episodes of The Facts of Life. On the other hand, it’s probably a low key affair for her, and she has been, historically, EASILY the funniest person in the films. Probably because she’s talented. And because her character often thinks Bella is acting like a total nitwit at the times when I most think Bella is acting like a nitwit, so I can relate to her — beyond the fact that her character and I share a name.  But it would be hard for a lot of people not to think privately, “THIS IS ABSURD. I AM AN OSCAR NOMINATED ACTRESS. WHAT AM I DOING AT THIS SHINDIG?”

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Well, wearing a very shiny, ruffly dress, for one thing. It’s a bit like what might have happened if Jada Pinkett Smith had decided to bronze her Tonys dress. And while this has a certain Eau D’Upscale Gift Bag, I do not entirely hate it.