I am obsessed with how much the male lead in Letters to Juliet looks like Rolfe from Sound of Music, and have been since he was in Kings, as my Facebook friends can attest. I’m serious. Check it out.

Rolfe, well before he decides to sell out the entire Von Trapp family to the Nazis:


Chris Egan, who is presumably never about to sell anyone to Nazis:


So, of course, every single time he pops up in the movie trailer, I warn Amanda Seyfried to watch out for Nazis. In fairness, that is a good bit of advice for any girl. But should she find herself, say, hiding from them in the nunnery at which her stepmother/erstwhile governess was once a sassy novitiate, she would be well advised to warn her extremely hot and heroic naval captain father that although it seems that he, the hot and heroic naval captain father, ought to be able to talk her jackass Nazi Youth/Hitler-loving boyfriend out of selling them out to the Nazis, he is misinformed, mostly because Rolfe is THE WORST FIRST BOYFRIEND EVER. The good news, should she find herself in that situation, though, is that Nazis are highly prone to underestimate the ability of nuns to disable an engine.

Anyway. Yes. Chris Egan must get a lot of Sound of Music mega-fans making very, very irritating Nazi cracks in his general direction all the time. Let’s give him a break for a moment and talk about Amanda’s ensemble, shall we?

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's


Fraulein Maria would NOT approve of that posture, but she would be much, much nicer about it than I would be. I feel much more like Captain Von Trapp in this instance, in that it makes me want to blow a whistle in rage and then storm around the house looking pained. But the dress? Hard to tell from here. Let’s look at the close-up:

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's

I simultaneously appreciate the detail and think it looks like she’s wearing a dress covered in every blue paint chip Home Depot has ever stocked. I’m off to twirl about on the Alps to clear my mind. Why don’t you vote on it: