It’s been nine days of matches and more than one million votes — be kind to your tired mouse-clicking fingers this weekend — and now, we’re down to two brackets, two contestants. Bjork flew home, tragically not actually taking the real Paris Hilton with her; if Cher could turn back time, if she could find a way, she’d make all her friends vote for Sharon so she’d stay.

But it’s too late. The votes are in, and your final game is:


Bai captured the Charo bracket and then trampled over Paris Hilton with 73 percent of the vote, knocking the Bjork bracket into the next galaxy and putting her one game closer to winning this whole thing. Posh knocked back an impressive challenger in Sharon Stone, notching 52 percent of your support — a majority almost as slim as she is.

We’ve had so much fun watching this shake down; thanks for all your votes — a million of them equals a LOT of fugpinions — and for keeping the comments so amusing and on-topic and smart.

The final game tips off on Monday morning. Bring beer.