She’s baaaack. And tackier than ever, thank God. Bai Ling’s short flirtation with sartorial respectability was both boring, and bad for her brand. This is more like it:



That’s right. She’s wearing a tutu with a fur stole. With ONLY a fur stole. I imagine this is what Carrie Bradshaw is wearing in the credits of the porn version of Sex and the City, called… Sexx and the City.  And, like the the rest of Fug Nation, I couldn’t help but wonder, how does one dance when one is wearing naught but a fur stole as a top? Can one do that without flashing one’s nipples to all and sundry? Let’s find out. I fear it is a spoiler to note that the photo after the jump is not safe for work:


Yes. That is about exactly as I had suspected this evening was going to go.