Ooooh, so close.

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These pants are doing us all the great service of illustrating how easily an unflattering cut can add like ten pounds to your body, even if you are in like crazy great celebrity shape obtained only through the magical combination of three hour work-outs and magical genes. I’m not quite sure what happened here, but, first of all, I think Kate’s pants are a little too short.  Add that to the shiny white fabric, the cut of the leg, and the place on her body where that boxy blazer hits, and somehow she looks like she gained whole bunch of weight overnight — which I think is unlikely, although I have felt that way myself after a particularly vigorous go at the hot wings and beer. (Sometimes, the only thing that can save a rough week is some wings, you know?) I am not sure how I would fix this, other than not wearing the jacket and the pants together EVER EVER again. Because I feel like the jacket could be cute with a skirt that shows some leg, and the pants might be okay with a different shoe and a more body conscious top. OR — here’s a great idea — maybe she should just wear this again:

[Photo: Splash News]

She’s like a whole different person here. I know I’ve talked about my shameful love of sparkly gold items here, and I realize that Kate Hudson is to sparkly gold dresses as Jennifer Aniston is to boring black ones, and I should probably ding her for that, but you know what? I dig this. It’s totally appropriate for the event and sure, it’s a bit Vegas, and she sort of looks like a walking Emmy statuette but I think she can pull it off and I like it SO THERE. (Agyness Deyn? Also looks extremely cute, for my money.) Maybe she should just wear this ALL THE TIME. To the Brentwood Country Mart for taffy. To the market for wheatgrass. To yoga. Out to the beach to watch McConaughey surf. If nothing else, imagine the spread in US Weekly: “Kate’s Lamé OBSESSION: What’s Wrong With Her?” Come on, Hudson. Do me a solid and see what you can do on that count. It’ll be fun!